20 Problems Only Book Lovers Understand

Posted by Hayley on March 15, 2017 on Goodreads

Image credit: Illustration by Quentin Blake for Roald Dahl’s Matilda

Non-bibliophiles don’t always feel your pain…but you’re among friends here! The Purple Box asked on Facebook and Twitter: What’s a problem only book lovers understand? We got more than 1,000 amazing responses. Check out some of our favorites and share your own bookish struggles in the comments.

1. “The urge to buy books even though you still have too many books to read at home.” Rie VdWarth

2. “Feeling sad for people who don’t really exist.” Kimberly Moniz


4. “Getting interrupted when you are on the last few pages of a book.” Sobe Daya

5. “The book hangover. When a good book finishes but you can’t start a new one because you’re still too immersed in the last book to move on.” Meagan Lewis

6. “Wanting every book in a library section but knowing it is impossible to read all of them.” Richard Azia

7. “Waiting so long for a sequel that you forget what happened in the first book.” Jessica Luong

8. “When you’re lying in bed and it’s all cold in your room—and the hand holding the book freezes to death, even though the rest of you is warm under the blankets.” Alina Marie Swan

9. “Finishing a book and having to wait a whole year to read the next in the series.” Sarah Scanion

10. “Trying to keep the book dry while reading in the bath.” Patricia Boland

11. “Ordering a book online and getting the book with the movie cover. A book with a movie cover just doesn’t feel the same.” Anna RN

12. “Not being able to read and eat lunch at the same time because you don’t have a third arm.” Bernadette

13. “When someone borrows your book and doesn’t return it for ages!” Pallavi B

14. “Deciding. Which. Book. To. Read. First.” Monique Balsamo

15. “Getting to a ‘can’t stop reading’ spot in the book and it’s 3:00am.” Joan Chesley

16. “When you have a book with you, but it’s not the one you wanted to read right then.” Virginia Osborne

17. “Being forced to stop reading by other obligations, but choosing to ignore those obligations. Then getting in trouble.” Feel Like Fangirling

18. “Packing for a trip and never being able to bring enough books.” Erika Gallion

19. “Having a book fall on your face because you’re reading on your back while holding the book up.” Manuel Cedillo

20. And the ultimate book lovers’ dilemma: “So many books, so little time.” Navy Reading

Don’t see your reader-specific problem? Share it with your fellow Purple Boxmembers in the comments! Chances are you’ll find someone (or many someones) who feel your book pain.

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Top list of upcoming Books in 2019 – Book 1

We have started curating the list of Top 25 Books which will get released in 2019, so readers are you waiting for this? We are very excited about the upcoming latest reads in the market.

Golden Child Book Cover

1. Golden Child by Claire Adam

Check Goodreads here if you want to mark it in “want to read” section.
What would you do if you had to choose between saving your perfect son or the one who’s more problematic?

Check out here to buy this book.

A deeply affecting debut novel set in Trinidad, following the lives of a family as they navigate impossible choices about scarcity, loyalty, and love

Rural Trinidad: a brick house on stilts surrounded by bush; a family, quietly surviving, just trying to live a decent life. Clyde, the father, works long, exhausting shifts at the petroleum plant in southern Trinidad; Joy, his wife, looks after the home. Their two sons, thirteen years old, wake early every morning to travel to the capital, Port of Spain, for school. They are twins but nothing alike: Paul has always been considered odd, while Peter is widely believed to be a genius, destined for greatness.

When Paul goes walking in the bush one afternoon and doesn’t come home, Clyde is forced to go looking for him, this child who has caused him endless trouble already, and who he has never really understood. And as the hours turn to days, and Clyde begins to understand Paul’s fate, his world shatters–leaving him faced with a decision no parent should ever have to make.

Like the Trinidadian landscape itself, Golden Child is both beautiful and unsettling; a resoundingly human story of aspiration, betrayal, and love.

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Poonachi – A Book Review

Poonachi Sketch - Book Review

Who is Poonachi? – She is a cute little doe and a small black kid goat.

Book: Poonachi – or the story of a black goat

Author: Perumal Murugan

Rating: 4.1/5

In India, we try to find gods and deities in all the animals and goats are also counted as one of the Holy animals.

Poonachi Sketch - Book Review
Poonachi Sketch

The book started from the logic why the name (Poonachi – or the story of a black goat) of the book is like this and it felt like a south Indian movie name, keeping a long tagline behind it. Jokes apart, it is a story of Poonachi. The initial thoughts were like, this story can be a satire on some social issues and rituals but I was wrong here

This is a story of an animal.

Yes, it has a social context and the main theme revolves around the social dogma, but this story gives a warm feeling of how an animal could be thinking during his/her whole life.

Poonachi came into possession of the old man in a funny way. It would have been great for someone who needs an animal like a goat for his economic welfare but for this old family, it was a burden of one more animal to feed. Some fugitive/mysterious person came in the evening and donated Poonachi to an old man. We don’t know from where she came and who her parents are.

The old woman started treating a kid as her own as she missed her daughter. It was very amazingly written and narrated the way pregnancy and childbirth of animal is explained in the story. The moment when Poonachi gave birth to seven kids in one pregnancy was quite a happy moment for the old family. Poonachi had to face a lot during her life. She missed being with her love, her children were carried away and never brought back to her. Even though she faced many challenges, she found some happy moments in her life when she was with Poovan. The memories were always there with her. The carcass of Poovan was literally shocking, but the way Poonachi handled the situation showed the real character of her.

You can’t recognize the good times if you don’t have bad ones.

Poonachi was registered with the Government in a tragic way, but when she gave birth to seven kids even the officer came to her house. This shows how time changes. The old woman tried her best to keep her goat kid alive, but it was nature only who didn’t allow Poonachi to stay happy always.

The actual feeling about reading the whole story was that the author might have tried to write a story of an Indian woman. It gives a feel of how difficult and cruel a life can be. It’s not just another animal roaming here and there. It could be a life many women in India are leaving today. These are the parting thoughts.

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A Fanfiction Review: The Black Order

Fan fiction – a world of fanatics, it is a fiction about characters or settings from an original work of fiction. The writer of the story has not just read the story but they have started thinking beyond the story, and the fanfic is being created when a fan becomes one with the story.

“Basically, he just remixes the song”.

Black Order – a name always being carried by a supervillain in any fictional story. And here he remixes the song.

This shows the depth of Fiction and creativity in the story. One can say it is a story of two people – Yu Kanda and Allen Walker. One can say that this is a story of Crown and Walkers. But if you see beyond the characters, it covers all the aspects of one single human being. How different a man can be.

Story: Beautiful Twilight

Written by: Nerdy Author

Rating: 3.7/5

Original story reference: D.Gray-man

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Men and Dreams: In the Dhauladhar – A Book Review

“Men and dreams in the Dhauladhar” written by Kochery C Shibu.
Kochery C Shibu has graduated from the prestigious NDA and served the Indian Navy.
After serving in the navy, he worked for a few hydro projects in India.

Men And Dreams in the Dhauladhar Book Cover
Men And Dreams in the Dhauladhar Book Cover

“Men and dreams in the Dhauladhar” have a strong and very long storyline, with many different lives like Nanda, Rekha, Khusru and Mangu Ram and how they end up being in the same place with different stories and different dreams

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Metamorphosis – The Book Review

One day in the morning you wake up and you see yourself down the bed, what you expect there to see? You expect it to be just another day with the yellow light coming through the window! That’s it.

Metamorphosis Sketch
The Lost Human

No, Ironically It is a lot darker than what we can expect. You are watching your body, which has turned into some creepy rotten vermin. A creature whom we are always chasing down to stay away from it. Gregor Samsa himself turned into one.

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Heads You Win – We did not actually: Book Review

Disclaimer: if you are a Jeffrey Archer fan and you have read the Clifton Chronicles already, do not read this book


Read through the review and you will get to know at the end of it

Rating: 3/5
(PS: special rating: 4/5 after reading the last line of the book, typical Jeffrey Archer style)

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101-Year-Old man and his adventures *Book Review

Alan Karlsson, A 100-year-old man, and the legend. He has met Winston Churchill twice and Donald Trump also. He has made fools of Kim Jong Un, yes you heard it right – Famous supreme leader of North Korea and he has played with Angela Markel also – Metaphorically.

101-year-old man who skipped from the window

He has been in Indonesia and also in Kenya with Masai people. He can be seen anywhere, maybe he will be seated besides you in next 10 minutes. Wherever he goes to, he brings problem with him and those problems can never be solved normally. These are the first world problems and the most interesting thing about him is that our 101-year-old Alan always has some solution for that.

Pretty big intro, huh?

Book: The Accidental Furthe Adventures of the Hundred-Year-Old Man

Author: Jonas Jonasson

Genre: Fiction, Adventure, Geography, Political Satire …

Review: 4.1/5

Let’s start again, one fine day in Bali – Indonesia, he got an apple – black tablet from the hotel manager, courtesy for an old man. He is happy with this new invention and he started reading news from the worldwide. He got to know about a new concept – Twitter, pretty Interesting.

This is his one hundred and first birthday, and he decided to enjoy the champagne in the Hot Air Balloon with his old but younger friend Julius.
(About Julius – he is very much interested in farming of Asparagus, he knows how to make money, either legally or illegally)
And what happens next? They ended up in North Korea. Well, I won’t spoil your read by saying how they ended up there. But it is quite amazing, how he acts like a bunny and always succeeds to free himself from the tough situation. Here in Pyongyang, he made the fool of the dictator and fled away with four kilograms of Uranium smuggled from Congo. The supreme dictator is flustered with this guy, but now Alan’s next target is the almighty – Donald Trump.

Trump is not much of an amicable person and that is why Mr. Alan chose Angela Merkel for the Uranium. Well, it is not an easy life when Alan is moving in his home country where he made the enemy with the Nazi and guess who is backing up these Nazis, Mr. Putin.

Too much fiction? Right?
But you won’t feel it while reading it, the way Mr. Alan subtly moves from one country to another, you won’t feel it odd. This is more satirical then fictitious. The Author has studied the politics and philosophy in detail and guess what, it improves the knowledge about geography also.

After running away from the Nazi, our friend Alan moved to Tanzania with Julius and his latest gf Sabrine. Sabrine seeks monetary success in her life and she thought Dar es Salaam will bring prosperity and learning in her life. Well, the second part was the primary motive here.

But Mr. Alan cannot forget Northern Korea easily. He was able to score another 400 kgs of Uranium by randomly moving through the smuggling chain. Well, Asparagus is back in the game again and they started farming in Kenya also.

What can be next in the story?

Congratulations, if you have guessed it correctly. Mr. Alan is on his way to meet Mr. Narendra Modi and he is here to solve the eternal problem of India and Pakistan.

Sorry, the last paragraph is not in the book yet, but what if this will become true in the real world. A 101-year-old person teaching us the life lessons, isn’t it great? We should think about it.

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